Are your children hiding posts from you on Facebook?

Have you ever wondered if your children are keeping posts secret from you on Facebook? Maybe you’ve noticed things that other people have been replying to or been talking about with your children that you have no idea about. Especially when they mention it was on Facebook.

Sadly enough there is a way for your own children to keep posts from the eyes of their parents. By just changing an easy setting right there in the post panel. This setting is really easy to miss for those who have no intention of using it, but a convenientĀ feature for those wanting or needing to use this feature for whatever purposes.

You’ll find a sitting right next to your post and it will be labeled as friends but if you were to click it you would find that you can easily change it to a whole list of other options that completely allows you to pick and choose who you want to see this specific post. It can range anywhere from friends to public to even custom selected people.

Facebook Secret Posts

Are your children hiding posts from you on facebook?

These custom selected people can be anyone from people in their current classes to even their closest friends and they could completely separate them by categories. Even using this custom selection feature to keep any parental supervision or any supervision out of certain posts that they use on their Facebook profile.

No one would be the wiser on what was going on in these secret posts unless someone were to tell, but surely as a parent you can’t rely on people engaging in secret post actually tell unless it’s a dire circumstances and by then it can already be too late.

Sadly enough no there is no way to bypass this feature unless you are the poster, but knowing about this feature is the first step to curtailing secret and possibly dangerous activities going on with your child on Facebook. So if you hear your child’s friends talking about a post on their Facebook profile that you have no idea about or haven’t even seen on your Facebook profile it might be time to have a sit-down with your child about using this feature on Facebook and why it might not be a good fit in your home.

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