How to make TikTok safe for your kids

How to make TikTok safe for your kids

TikTok, formerly known as, has become one of the most used entertaining apps around the world. It is available both for Andriod and IOS mobile phone. It allows users to share short videos of dance moves and lip synch on famous songs. People of all ages are using TikTok and sharing their content. Although it does not allow children below 13 years of age to post any videos or comments, many children below 13 also use it by providing false information. According to a report, 53 percent of children below 10 years of age own a Smartphone. It is attracting more and more children every year. Tiktok is addictive and dangerous for children because apart from its entertainment, TikTok has become an attractive app for dangerous people. They prey on children with their sexualized content. So being a parent, you have to make your child safe.

Making TikTok safe for your children

If you cannot stop your children from using TikTok, you can make TikTok a bit safe for them by applying some account settings, which you can find by tapping on the profile of TikTok.

Following are some points which can help you to make TikTok safer for your children.

Set a time limit for your children

Setting up a usage time for TikTok helps you to keep away your children from using it. You can set a specific screen time for your children. You can set the time limit under the digital well-being option in the settings. This will help you to monitor your children’s time on TikTok.

Make your children’s account private.

TikTok allows you to make your account private. It will make the account of your children inaccessible by strangers. Just open the TikTok account, go to the settings, open the privacy and safety option; there, you will find the option of making the account private.

Now your children’s content will be shared with those users whom you allow to follow.

Limit the interaction

In TikTok mostly settings are public or with everyone by default. By default, everyone can interact with other users. You can change that by going into the settings of the TikTok account. From privacy and safety settings, you can turn interactions only for friends, or you can turn them off.

Turn on restricted mode.

To make your child safe from explicit and inappropriate content on TikTok, you need to turn on restricted mode. This mode will refine the age-appropriate content for your children. You can set a password for this mode to prevent your child from turning this mode off.

Turn on family safety mode.

This mode helps you to monitor your children’s accounts remotely. You can turn this on from settings easily. From settings, choose digital well-being; from there, you can turn on the family safety mode. This will help the parents to monitor the chats, comments, and content of their children to make them safe.

Block users with explicit content

You can also block inappropriate users from your child’s TikTok account to make him safe.

Keep an eye on their followers.

Parents should keep monitoring the followers of their children. This will surely help you make your children safe from people with bad intentions, and you can remove them from your children’s accounts.

Turn off the finding you option

From settings, turn off the option to allow others to find your account. Then TikTok will not suggest your account to other TikTok users. This will help your child to avoid many strangers on TikTok.

Apart from these options, you can limit the profile information to make your children safe from any type of mishaps. You can also set an age limit for your children’s accounts to avoid any type of sexual and unsuitable content to keep them safe.



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