What is the difference between Bark vs. Covenant Eyes?

Parenting in this tech frenzy time comes with constant worry with the increased screen time and how it affects our kids. Most of the time, it’s for recreation purposes when we’re on our devices. Big Tech companies are making bank on creating apps and devices that are highly addictive. With this combination of accessibility and addictive habits, it only makes sense that the porn industry is looking to push their agenda too! This perfect storm allows for increased exposure for finding adult content online. These apps provide insufficient safety measures to protect kids from exposure. This is acceptable to app developers like Snapchat and TikTok, just as long as it makes them rich. All while teaching our kids to hide their online behavior and a false sense of digital integrity with “disappearing” selfies and photos. For example predators having access to private message kids with bizarre twisted motives and being exposed to ads to visit porn sites on their apps is allowed because it’s making them a lot of money. Not to mention teaching our kids it’s acceptable to form unhealthy habits like hiding digital secrets that has negative lasting effects on them for the rest of their lives. It’s up to us to combat this dark agenda that will do more harm to our kids, without the proper filters and safeguards. Bark and Covenant Eyes have been created to filter out and monitor how much adult material is being consumed on our kids devices without causing kids to just keep deleting their online history.


Bark Features

Social Media Monitoring

Bark tracks every conversation the user participates in. Whether it’s a group chat or exchanging content on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. When enabled, Bark is always active on all social media platforms, including Twitter and Pinterest, to perform it’s child safeguard services.

Monitors Text Message and Emails

Bark is highly versatile on android and iOS platforms. Bark monitors, photos, text messages, online group chats, and videos are exchanged by users in their social circle. It also flags any inappropriate language or content being shared.

Screen Time Assessment

Kids’ minds are curious. However, this does not mean they must be given free reins. With the helpful assistance of Bark, the parents can monitor and assess the number of hours kids spend online and which sites they are visiting.

Detection Skills

Bark’s extremely competent algorithm is constantly safeguarding young eyes against predators of all nature. For example, bark flags any attempt to visit adult websites, fights against cyberbullying by access to log activity, and communicates suicidal or self-harming thoughts to the parents using notifications. In addition, any exchange of lewd photos or adult conversation exchange is immediately flagged.


Whenever Bark senses inconsistent or inappropriate activity, it alarms the parents with built-in alerts for child safeguarding intentions. The notifications convey the present activity as well as suggestions to remedy them. Recommendations include social or outdoor activities or arranging an appointment with a psychologist.

Understands Personal Boundary

Manually operating your children’s activities is near impossible. Bark makes it easier by respecting times at both ends and allowing children privacy by only communicating potential harmful online activities.

How does Bark work?


Bark monitors text messages and social media activates, including direct messages, posts, story uploads, and the comments made by the user on these digital platforms. Bark alarms any harmful interactions and inappropriate content that the phone user may be divulged in.


Upon alarming the parents, Bark detects and conveys inappropriate activities to the parents or guardian via email or text messages. Warning notifications are based on Bark’s algorithm, so you can filter which notifications are worth acting upon. However, filter through the notifications to inspect them further.


The user interface makes it easier for parents or guardians to communicate Bark use to their children. Mentoring is a sensitive topic, and the Bark team understands that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The alert system updates parents and aids in website management. The parents decide which websites the children can visit and monitor their internet log-in durations as well.

Bark Packages

Bark offers two service combinations of surfaces that are as follows:

Bark Junior

The combination of services will cost you $49 yearly or $5 a month. However, it saves 18% if you choose to pay one time rather than at the beginning of each month. Services include:

  • Mobile phone screen management services.
  • Website filtration services to ensure which websites that children can access.
  • Notifies children’s outside the home activities such as locations.

Bark Premium

The premium package will cost you $99 yearly or $14 a month, whichever you choose to pay. In addition, the premium services come with a seven-day free trial. Premium feature includes:

  • Bar Premium offers text, email, YouTube, and social media platform monitoring of more than 30 applications.
  • Bark Premium alerts parents of any foreign predatory activities on their children’s phones and self-harming thoughts.
  • Bark Premium manages screen time on smart devices as Bark Jr.
  • Bark Premium notifies parents of their children’s public locations and which websites they are visiting.

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes features


Covenant Eyes shares blurred screenshots under HTTPS services and saves them using AES 256 encryption code. No screenshots are sent with their content visible.


Blurred screenshots are sent to users. However, the information mentioned on them is protected. The content is only shared with chosen friends added under the Covenant Eyes package. Covenant Eyes practices utmost privacy.

Extensive Research

Screenshot content consists of screen time, websites visited, and active screen use. If it has been on your screen, it will be a part of the screenshot.

Money-back guarantee

If the customers are not happy with Covenant Eyes service, they can cancel the service and get their money back. However, the service must be canceled with the initial 30 days of registration.

Customer Support

Covenant Eyes’ active customer support is always present to assist their clients with challenges or problems they may be facing. The representative will assist you through all matters at +1 989 720 8000.

Literary Resources

Covenant Eyes continues to fight the good fights against obscene content available on the internet. Covenant Eyes offers e-books, journals, and visual aids to fight against online addiction for psychological and domestic peace.

Porn block

Covenant Eyes blocks all adult content websites that include explicit visuals or pornography of any kind. It also blocks websites such as Reddit, which is a collaborative public platform carrying adult material. Covenant Eyes also blocks proxies and VPN services that are used to loop around any blockades.

Safe Search Services

Covenant Eyes offers in-depth safe search services on all online platforms, including Google, YouTube, and Bing. Safe search ensures you and your social circle does not encounter any explicit or inappropriate material online.

Covenant Eyes Package

Covenant Eyes offers a single package at a reasonable rate of $15.99 a month that involves at most 10 active users to enjoy unlimited services.

How does Covenant Eyes work?

Monitors Screen

  • Covenant Eyes application captures phone screenshots mentioning screen time and stores them on your phone. The feature takes screenshots at equal intervals for cohesive assessment.
  • The said screenshots taken by the application analyze screenshots and assess internet use for explicit images.
  • After the assessment, the user is conveyed the inappropriate activities and attempts to circumvent application usage with the help of proxies or VPN services.

The Final Result

Based on the above extensive assessment and features available, it is fair to conclude that both platforms are meant for different uses. Bark uses its algorithm for child safeguard services and prevents them from accessing adult material. On the other hand, Covenant Eyes uses a more comprehensive system inspired by close social support by sharing screenshots. Both applications are equally advantageous. It just depends on the user’s intention.

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