Welcome to my blog


Hi, I am Mindy. My day job is an online Graphic and Web Designer, working mostly in the digital marketing industry. I love all things technology, computers. devices, etc. Which means I am basically IT support for most of my friends and neighbors, a job I love as well.

Recently, my family was so blessed to build an orphanage in Haiti; so this became my mission abroad.  Once you have seen a hungry orphan in a third world country, it’s not something you can unsee. Check out our mission at Kenanke.org for more info!

Having no children of my own, I have just always felt the need to help protect all the children already born. Not only just helping orphans or hungry kids, but also all kids need protecting from online bullying and from adults who are looking to exploit them. Combining my knowledge of technology and how the internet works and my passion to protect the littles everywhere, I saw a gap. Teaching parents how to keep their kids safe online; thus this new venture was born!

My mission is to give parents all the resources, tools and best advice to be smarter than their kids on technology and be able to safeguard their children while on the internet!