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When computers were first introduced, they were huge in size. With the rise in technology over time, the dimensions of these big computers reduced. Then they became wireless in the form of laptops that you can bring anywhere you want. Over the years, with different researches and experiments, IT has brought computers to our pockets like smartphones, tablets, and much more. These devices help you connect with anyone anytime all around the globe.

Wearing a watch while going to school, universities, or any other workplace is not only necessary for telling time, but also getting notifications and used for various apps. With the rapid technological growth, watches have also updated to the latest smartwatches that do not only allow you to watch time but perform all the functions that any smartphone does. Many manufacturers are offering smartwatches with different features. The same is the case with smartwatches; you get more features with watches that have higher rates, just like smartphones. With the multiple options available, how can you choose the best smartwatch for your kids? Or is it safe to let your kid use the smartwatch?

Apple watches are the most famous ones when it comes to smartwatches for kids. These watches give wearers a facility to make calls, browse the internet, pay at store and drive throughs, monitor your health and fitness, run all the social media apps, listen to music, or even they can also play their favorite digital games, and much more. You should consider many things before handing over the smartwatches to your kids, like how they will use them, the warranty period of the particular watch, either it’s cost-effective or not, and many other things.

Apple smartwatches keep the parents connected with their kids

One of the most important features that Apple recently launched is that families can stay connected with their kids even if they don’t have an Apple phone, watch, tablet, or any other Apple device.

This fantastic “Family setup” feature is an excellent evaluation that tracks the GPS of your kids. Parents and family will know if what their kids are and what they are up to. You may connect with your kids via text messages and phone calls also to stay updated. It also assures you if your kids are safe.

The “Family setup” feature is available in Apple watches with iOS 7 or above. It allows parents to connect their phones with the watch, and they receive periodic location notifications. Other than this, you may also perform some parental controls to stay updated about your kids.

Bringing a new Apple watch to your kids will not only make them happy but also makes you able to keep an eye on what your kid is doing, where he is spending most of his time, what he is browsing with the advanced family setup feature.

Parents may also limit the access of the sites and applications they don’t want their kids to access. Moreover, as a parent, you have full control to make setup if who should your child not contact using this smart Apple watch. This is something that will keep your kids safe online. You may also track the GPS that helps you stay updated with your kids’ activities.

Giving an Apple watch to your little ones is a good idea and has so many benefits for you as a parent. But, you need to think wisely if what your kid should do with it before you hand over the watch to them.

So, here you have two alternative options:

  • Give an Apple watch to your kids once you are satisfied that the watch is fully set up and safe to use for the kids.
  • Implement the complete “family setup” to restrict some contacts, sites, or content that you don’t want your kids to watch on the device.

When should you use Family Setup?

There are no such obligations from manufacturers to use this feature, but you may use it when you think it’s necessary for your kids’ protection. So, it’s all up to you to decide as a parent. Family setup is specifically suitable for small kids when you want to control their activities, like what they should and what they should not access. This feature transforms a gadget into a GPS tracker that also enables you to communicate with them via your wristwatches. So, it’s a great feature when you need to connect with your kids urgently.

For bigger kids like teenagers, you may go with the standard Apple smartwatches, depending upon how your teens are dependent. 

Bottom Line

Smartwatches are a great technological addition that features some advanced functions, helping parents to stay in touch with their kids no matter wherever they are. “Family set up” by the Apple smartwatch gives you complete parental control of your kid’s device. You may control the watch the way you want, apply limitations on contacts and sites that you want your kids to access, track GPS and know where they are, and many other beneficial functions.

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