How to teach “No Digital Secrets” to your kids?

It’s a digital world now. Every single person is holding a smart device like smartphones, computers, video games, tablets, smartwatches, much more. The rise in technology has a lot of benefits but some cons too at the same time. Kids with open access to the internet are taking them away from the family more and more. There is no proper check and balance of what they are watching over the internet. What do they like to watch? What more often do your kids watch? And is there anything ethically wrong that they are into? So, this article will help you answer all these questions more concisely.

Today, if you ask parents to share the digital issues they face in their family, the answer would be predators, and porn content is the top answer! Experts say rather than asking your children strictly to avoid such content is not only the solution, but teaching them the way to handle it is. Every child, either school-going, in a home with easy and readily accessed internet devices, or the kids who travel on a bus or public transport, needs to understand how to handle porn content and predators.

According to one report of rural areas, around 30% of the kids agree that some creepers have tried to talk to them while on a device. Also, COVID’19 has lead children to more online risks because of the more rational usage. Furthermore, during the lockdown, random open chat apps and watch apps have become more popular.

We all are now social beings, and such digital isolations can have harmful effects on our society. Our kids have become used-to talking with random people and think that everyone is genuine. Online predators are searching for more and more kids to interact with them and harass them emotionally. Fishing has become very common where predators specifically search for the kids who are depressed or disturbed. They use social media profiles to find such kids and then interact with them smartly.

So how should you, as a responsible parent and caring adult, teach your kids to handle and respond to the creepers and predators? Let’s have a look at the actions that you should take to keep your kids safe online:

1. Teach your kids the process

Before you handover, smart devices to your kids, teach them about such porn activities already. This is how they will stay alert if what they should watch or what they should not. You may say this way:

“If you see something on the internet that makes you feel uncomfortable, then put it down and share with me. This is not a big deal because it could happen to me also.”

This will make them confident and ensure their Internet activities too. And also, never forget to teach your kids that “There are no digital secrets at all. Everything we see on the internet is open, and the same is the case in what you see is open. But, not every time you search or see something while crawling the internet is by your choice. So, do share whenever you see something that makes you uncomfortable.” This will keep your kids safe online.

2. Practice scenarios with your kids

Teach your children if they should respond to the creepers when they try to talk. Tell your kids a few indications of predators and how they should strongly avoid them like this way:

“When somebody over the internet or in person tries to get personal or ask you to watch something illegal, or either share illegal content like porn photos or sites. Then immediately disconnect from them and block them. Do not ever share your personal details, your family information with a person you don’t know.”

3. Give your kids permission

This is one of the most important things that you can to your kids this way:

“When you see something on your phone, tablet, smartwatch, or any other device that you think you shouldn’t watch. There is no need to worry as it can happen to everyone. Just put the site down and do tell someone. Don’t hide and watch.”

This will make them feel easy, and even kids would share with you if it ever happened to them. You may also mention that you would be proud they would tell you. This will even make them confident, and they would be more open to sharing their stuff with you.


Seeing porn content on the internet or predators talking to your kids has become very common these days. Most parents around the globe are facing particular issues. This is because we have become more digital than ever before, and every kid carries a separate smart device these days. This has made them exposed to watch porn content that overall affect our society too. As mentioned above, rather than asking your kids strictly not to watch such activities. It’s better if you teach them how they can handle and respond to creepers who try to talk to them. This will make your kids more confident, and they would be more open about their internet activities.

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