Covenant Eyes, an accountability solution to protect family!

There is no doubt that smart technology has grown up to the next level.

The technology world has transformed computers into light portable systems like tablets, smartphones into our pockets. With the rapid growth in smart games, software developments, cloud technology has evolved our kids too.

Today, around 38% of kids of our population have used mobile under the age of just 2. But our medical experts say that the children of the age group 9 to 11 are now into more viewing porn content over the internet. However, the parents need to check and look after their kids’ activities, either older, teens, or adults. One research says that around 70% of the young generation of age group 15-17 is involved in pornography content online. So, here the question arises what elders, families, and parents should do to stop their kids evolved into such activities?

Covenant Eyes – A unique web and mobile application for web filtering & accountability!

With the rapid technology growth, numerous screening software has been introduced to look after your kids’ activities. Covenant Eyes is one of screen accountability software or application that monitors the overall activities and help parents to eradicate porn addiction from their kids’ mindset. This advanced application delivers everything that one can ever desire to combat a porn habit. This application’s main feature is its screen accountability to help parents not monitor the pornography activities within the smart device. You must be wondering if this application blocks the IP of websites with porn content? No, Covenant Eyes does not block any site but records your phone screen in the form of screenshots and periodic analyzing. It then sends the captured report to anyone you choose, either mother, father, or elder; it could be anyone. Hence, this application eases the parents to track their kids’ activities and regularly get updates about what they do.

Moreover, Covenant eyes also enable you to block or filter the specific sites with inappropriate content and data that you think your kids should avoid. The application is fully functional, and it depends on parents how smartly they use it to get the most out of it without even letting their kids know. Let’s explore everything about this application and look at how one can install it on their phones, tablets, or laptops to protect your family!

Covenant Eyes offers two features depending on the type of End-User.

Unlike other screening applications, Covenant Eyes has two different features for two different user types. It allows you to use the application as a parent to control all the activities of your child. At the same time, you may also use it as a screening app for a spouse or friend to keep track of their internet browsing actions. The application also sends regular reporting and periodical screenshots to the chosen accountability partner and allows you to add restrictions over the internet browser. Are you new to internet web filtering, monitoring, and accountability software and need more clearance?  Let’s have a closer look at the distinct features for your better understanding:

1. Use it as a regular parental screening software.

You may use this application just like other parental applications to monitor and limit internet access for your young kids. However, Covenant Eyes allows you to set the age accessibility limitation differently for different age groups. For example, if you have a kid of age 7, the limitation would be different, whereas limitations could be different for your kid above 12. Along with that, you can also implement web blocking and filtering as a parent.

2. Use it as monitoring software for elders and adults.

You may use Covenant Eyes as monitoring software for your spouse or friend with who you want accountability. For this particular feature, you will have to create an account as an adult user. After that, you need to add an accountability partner (could be one or multiple), and accountability reports will be sent to the added accountability partner. At the same time, the frequency of the whole internet activity report is determined by the adult account holder itself.

Begin with installing Covenant Eyes on your smart device or laptop

Go to the Covenant Eyes official site,, create an accounting with the required details and install the application with your browser. The software charges a small monthly cost of $15.99 per month, covering around ten users with unlimited connected devices. For durability and satisfaction, the software offers a 30-days money-back warranty. There are also some particular sites available that offer affiliation discounts to the new user for a limited period.

After creating your account, move towards signing in to your account to use the screen accountability and blocking services. You may install this software on your Mac, PC, iOS, Android, whereas Covenant Eyes does not support Kindle Fire and Chromebooks at the moment. If you face any problem during the installation process, you may contact their customer support team anytime via multiple channels like live chat, email, or phone.

Basic Highlighted Software Set Up – Covenant Eyes

  • You may download this application on a laptop or smartphone
  • This application allows you to set up filtering, monitoring and blocking according to the age group
  • Parents can keep full and exact records of all the web usages and history of their kids
  • You may add anyone as an accountability partner to share and receive internet browsing history and periodic reports via email
  • You may also use a dynamic scoring feature that highlights the prone and questionable sites that ultimately make it easy for you to analyze the report quicker
  • Whenever the accountability partners are removed, that particular partner gets notified
  • You may use the application as an adult user for monitoring a friend’s or spouse activity

Exploring Covenant Eyes functionalities

  • Screen Accountability

Once you are done with the installation process, the next step is to sign in to your account and select an ally. Wondering what is an ally and how to use it? An ally is basically a person who will be receiving the accountability and screening reports. You, as a parent, will choose yourself (your email) to receive the throughout internet activity reports of your kids. The accountability reports you receive via email are well-organized and easy to understand, highlighting all the questionable activities your kids have done so far. You can also understand the report through the highlighted term instead of reading the full.

Covenant Eyes brings ease in every possible way. Even the emails with accountability reports that parents receive have the customized subject line. For example, if the report contains no questionable activities, the subject line would be “No Concern.” On the other hand, if the report needs a review and contains some doubtable activities, in that case, the subject line would be “Review is Recommended.” The application lets the parents know straight away that either they need to give a particular report a detailed look, it is fine if they ignore it.

On the other hand, other than parents, Covenant Eyes is a great software and application for adults who are trying to control their online internet temptations. Unfortunately, pornography and porn addiction among younger, elder, and adult kids have become very common these days in our society. The main reason is being smart devices common in kids and youngsters. Whereas, now a lot of od youngsters are trying to keep themselves from such temptations. Most of them are trying to keep their younger siblings safe from unwanted content and questionable content. Many adults are now aware and prefer installing accountability and screening applications in their desktops to send regular activity reports to their trusted friends, so they do not view the unwanted content by even a  mistake.

  • Web filtering

The web filtering feature by Covenant Eyes works effectively and differently. The application allows you to filter the web addresses that you don’t want your kids to check, and you as an adult can also apply web filtering to another level.

Covenant Eyes offers you a grouping and category-based blocking option. It means, using a single device, you can set filtering and block differently for different age-group people. For example, you want to block the different sites for your child under 4, want the different sites blocked for your kids under 10, etc. Since Covenant Eyes makes this happen, you can make as many groups and may set filtering different for everyone under the one device/account. Such as,

  • Adult Blocking: Implementing this feature will block all the sites of adult porn activities and pornography and your browsers like Bing and Google to make safe searches. This is how the application makes you safe from viewing unwanted content.
  • Family Blocking: this is a higher feature that protects you from unwanted content. It includes the mixes-content websites such as Reddit, adding safe searches to your web browsers like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and also put YouTube on restriction mode.

However, Covenant Eyes also allow you to make the custom blocking lists the block the specific sites you want. This feature enables you to add any site on a filtering or blocking mode if it is a filtering site list offered by Covenant Eyes.

  • Covenant Eyes Mobile Application

The screen accountability feature works best for iOS devices by installing the Covenant Eyes web browser application. Download the application on your kids’ phones and restrict all the browsers like Safari, Chrome, Bing, and let them sign in using the Covenant account. The whole activities of your kids will be recorded in the Covenant Eyes account, and that will be included in the accountability report too. Another amazing feature of this application is, when using it with other applications, Covenant Eyes then use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature to track and monitor the web pages and domains that are being displayed and viewed using these applications. The whole screening reports are sent to the added and selected accountability partner, who then review the reports monitor what else is yet to be restricted.

The application offers you many parental control accountability features available to the families to trace the activities of different age-group people, either kids, youngsters, and elders. When it comes to pornography and sites with porn data, Covenant Eyes dies the best to protect your family in every possible manner to stay away from this porn addiction. You might find some relevant free software in the market, but Covenant Eyes’ features, particularly offers, can’t be found in any other free software applications. The customer support, the features, the updates, the advancement, the accessibility, the reporting, the virtual networking, the blocking, filtering, everything is just the best!

It is good to let your kids know that their activities and internet actions are being filtered and recorded, and this is how they will get to understand what is wrong and what is not. So, they will reduce the porn activity themselves if they are involved already.

  • Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability

Covenant with periodic updates introduces new features that bring ease for adults and parents to reduce the questionable content for their families. In addition, the software has evolved security protocols and internet privacy that works great and has ultimately increased the software’s demand. With the new features every day, the software team has come up with great accountability features that records screen in the form of screenshots of short clips, also called screen accountability.

The feature was introduced to be clearer in reports as the simple URLs or website names are not enough for the parents to know what the content was actually about. Numerous other sites do not pretend to have porn content but the unwanted data that parents do not want their kids to view. Here the screen accountability works the best. Covenant Eyes allows parents to look after and monitor their kids’ internet activities in the form of screen recording clips and screenshots.

While your kids use smartphones, Covenant Eyes decides to take the periodic screenshots and record the questionable or unwanted clips. Then the whole activity report is sent to the parents or any added accountability partner that you have chosen. The reports are sent via email with the well-optimized subject line (means you will get to know if the report is worth checking or if it does not contain any questionable content through the subject). After receiving the reports, parents can apply a custom block to the sites they don’t want their kids to avoid.

Let’s have a look at the types of screen monitoring that Covenant Eyes offers:

  • Screen monitoring: The application captures the screenshots periodically of whatever the screen activity is going on and stores these captured shots safely.
  • Screenshot Analysis: Covenant Eyes use advanced AI, Artificial Intelligence, to analyze the screen and screenshots. The application is smart and captures the screenshot when actually needed.
  • Screenshot Processing: The application does not only capture the simple screenshot, but it rates the picture, makes it blur to protect your privacy, and then sorts them according to the content.
  • Activity Reporting: At this point, the report of all the concerning activities, porn content, questionable attempts, and any other doubtful activity is then sent to you or the selected accountability partner.

Hence, parents should use Covenant Eyes as a Parental Control Software to trace all their kids’ activities and implement the essential filtering. Filtering will not only stop your kids from viewing unwanted web pages but will also keep you safe from the installation of applications with viruses that affect your devices badly, either it’s a laptop or smartphone.

Bottom Line – Protect your family with Covenant Eyes.

Out of hundreds of screening applications, Covenant Eyes stand out with its advanced and compatible features that no other application offers at the moment. The application offers everything to the parents and adults that they desire from accountability software. From screen recording to capturing screenshots, from well-optimized reports to custom blocking feature, from custom limitations to multiple accountability members, from customer support to fast API, from artificial intelligence to screen accountability, and much more! The application allows you to use it with the two end users’ aspects. Parents can use the software as a full parental control application to track all their kids’ activities and receive regular reports.

On the other hand, adults can use it as adults’ filtering software to protect themselves from unwanted or questionable content. For this feature, they add one or multiple accountability partners who receive the complete web browsing history reports and monitor them to recommend the filtering amendments. Covenant Eyes is a perfect family protection software that allows you to trace the activities of all the members by setting the different filtering limitations for each member. Get the one for your family, too and protect your kids from questionable attempts. 


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