How to Set Parental Controls on Roblox?

With the advancement in technology and excessive use of gadgets and devices, the gaming industry has gained high popularity. Kids of all ages have become addicted to devices, whether it is for watching videos or playing games.

Parents have to keep a strict monitoring on kids to ensure that kids are not accessing websites that may expose them to inappropriate content. With everything becoming more easily accessible, it is important to ensure online safety for our children.

Many advertisements lead to pages that are inappropriate for kids to look at. This is the main reason to put parental controls on devices and websites so children cannot access web pages that can expose them to inappropriate content.

A new gaming platform, Roblox, has become the topic of discussion amongst children. Children have become obsessed with the gaming application that offers great features allowing parents to put controls ensuring complete online safety for children. Before moving to the steps of putting parental control, let us first discuss more about the game.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online entertainment platform for children to create and play games. It has cartoon aesthetics and consists of an online community that revolves around the major objectives of the game.

Users may act as gamers or creators while exploring the gaming world. The gaming platform offers exciting prizes and allows the user to customize their characters. Users can also monetize their creations in the Roblox gaming world.

How to put parental controls?

Living in the most advanced times, we all have become very fond of screen time. We engage ourselves in different types of videos or social platforms to spend our time. Kids also look for ways to use gadgets to relax.

However, these platforms have content that links to inappropriate web pages of adverts that may confuse the small minds. To avoid such situations, applications offer parental control to keep a strict check on kids while they are busy playing games.

Similarly, Roblox also offers parents to set up privacy to ensure online safety for children. To set up parental controls, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Set up your account properly

The first step to put parental controls is to set up your account properly. Check the age limit for the game and ensure that your child has registered with the correct age. Also, ensure that your child has not used his or her real name as a username.

Roblox offers built-in privacy depending on the user’s age. This helps parent in putting the right parental control and must never be compromised. If you do not know what age your child has used to register for the game, you may look for it on the upper right side of the navigation bar.

You may change the username or age by selecting the gear icon and clicking on the settings options placed on the right-hand side.

  • Create an Account PIN

The next step is to create an Account PIN. This will protect all your information. You can make changes to your account after your PIN is active. To enable the setting, click on the gear icon and choose the Security from the left-hand menu. Users can change the PIN here for the account.

  • Turn on Account Restrictions

Since Roblox allows users to create games and content, it becomes difficult to keep a strict check on what your child is playing. By turning on the Account Restrictions, you allow your child to play only what the platform offers. It saves your child from user-created content.

To turn on the settings, click on the Security section and change “Account Restrictions is currently disabled” to on mode.

  • Select Contact Settings

Since Roblox offers users an open platform where players come in as a community, it also allows the users to connect with each other through a chatbox. Parents can put limits on the feature and allow them to connect with people they are comfortable with.

To change the settings, click the Privacy option in the gear icon. You can choose the type of contact setting you wish to put for your child.

The setting options include:

    • Who can contact me?
    • Who can chat with me in the application?
    • Who can chat within the gaming platform?
    • Who can look for me through the phone number? (This setting is specifically for children above 13 years)
  • Set Other Settings

The last step to put parental control to ensure online safety for your child; you must put control on other settings in the platform. Choose the Other Setting options in the Privacy tab. This feature allows the parents to decide who can add the user to VIP servers and who can join the player in the game.

This puts a strict check on who your child is in contact with.


It is important to put parental controls on applications and web pages to ensure complete online safety for your child.

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